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DeFelice, a lifelong Pittsburgh Pirates fan is author of The History of Segregated I. M. Terrell High School, Fort Worth, Texas. He holds a bachelor’s degree from West Liberty University and a master’s degree from Texas A&M-Commerce and has been teaching for twenty-nine years. He resides in Saint Francis Village, Crowley, Texas with his wife Rene. They have been married for forty-years.



Everybody loves a good murder mystery, right? Well, unless it happens in your family.

Johnny Paul wanted to be a professional baseball player when he grew up, but he was tossed into a world of chaos after he learned his family was living under a curse as a result of a dark, hidden secret.

A classic story of the battle between the darkness and the light, The Clemente Spell is a modern-day fairy tale where The Sandlot meets The Shack. Read how a young man emerges from the darkness of a broken home to meet the love of his life.

“This book functions both as a testimony and a page-turner.”

The History of Segregated I.M. Terrell High School, Fort Worth, Texas

Kindle Edition

As a result of its qualified faculty and limited access to vocational training for blacks, segregated I.M. Terrell High School, Fort Worth Texas focused on a classical liberal curriculum and extracurricular activities to develop an impressive legacy in music and would graduate students who would break racial barriers, most notably in journalism. Opal Lee, the “Grandmother of Juneteenth was a notable Alumni of Terrell. The foreword was written by Bob Ray Sanders, a graduate of Terrell and retired Associate editor of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Sanders was one of three Terrell graduates who became the first black reporters for the Star-Telegram.

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Get out of your mushy mode and brush up your detective skills as John DeFelice brings you one of his incredible mystery series books. So hop on on this exciting journey and chance to beat Sherlock Holmes while you solve the murder mystery John lays out for you in his best-selling mystery books of 2022.

As your lungs flutter and your heart pumps blood at lightning speed, John DeFelice’smystery series books will also make you humble. When someone is protected from the icy clutches of death and sips away the entire novel sitting in layers of blanket, what else can you expect if not becoming humble!

Experience The Thrill Of The Unknown With The Mystery Series Books For Adults

The un-putdown-able non-fiction mystery books by John give you the excitement of finding out the mystery in a modern-day intricate thriller setting. Whether or not you will be given a happy ending is one thing, but these good mystery series books will definitely put you on the mission of solving the crime before the last chapter nears.

The compelling plot that revolves around a true story will give you moments where you will forget even to breathe. However, you will have the satisfaction of just being a reader and mystery solver (unfortunately, until the book ends). As John says, everyone loves a good murder story, unless it happens in your family!


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The Clemente Spell, one of the mystery series books by John, narrates the story of Johnny Paul who envisioned a very different future for himself than the one he was tossed into. As this good murder mystery progresses, Johnny learns about the secret of his family, which he, until now, was unaware of.

His family was living under a curse because of a dark, hidden secret that Johnny learnt about while he was planning for a future as a professional baseball player. He didn’t know that the circumstances would throw him under the bus, and life would take a turn for which he was not even prepared.

In this murder mystery books series, a battle between light and dark ensues. This modern-day story shows how the young man emerges out of the darkness of a broken home to find the love of his life. The slight romantic touch shows John is up for Christian romantic suspense books!

As with any murder mystery series books, The Clemente Spell too shows the different shades of human nature. Where one instance, you think of humans to be gentle souls, at others, you find them to commit atrocities and harm that is unthinkable. There are also situations where you think of someone to be extremely meek and subservient and then watch them appear out of the clutches of evil victorious!

John’s Christian suspense books are a joy to read. So, grab your copies of his incredible work to enjoy the twisty plots and unearthing of deep secrets.

Customers reviews

joe winterling
joe winterling
The Clemente Spell: Betrayal…Low Esteem…Baseball…Hope…Triumph John’s book is captivating and well written, allowing the reader to enter into John’s world and experience his rejection, low-esteem, love of baseball and a path developed thru faith and hope. I have known John for many years but after reading his book, I realized I knew nothing about John except his West Virginia roots.This book is an eye-opener about all of our struggles in life and the importance of Jesus as our Base….joe winterling
Judy Seifer
Judy Seifer
The Clemente Spell: A little bit of everything!! A must read!!! I am an 81 year old who has ready many different books so I’m letting you know Clemente Spell is a book for all ages. The book is easy to read and the story brings back my childhood memories making me feel like I am in the story. There is a touch of religion, baseball, family drama and mystery that keeps you wanting to read on!!!
Jeff Hedglen
Jeff Hedglen
The Clemente Spell: Baseball and faith can save a childhood Little Johnny Paul can’t seem to catch a break. He gets caught up in a spell and and a curse, has a family full of mystery, intrigue, and crazy characters, he has a really rough start to life and he can never seem to get the girl.The saving graces of his life are baseball, Church and his overly active and endlessly entertaining imagination.John DeFelice has wonderfully woven a tale of the childhood of an Italian immigrant family in the 1960’s steel era Pennsylvania. The threads of baseball, faith and the power of a boy’s imagination carry the reader through trauma, comedy, struggle and eventually, triumph.Few stores I have read show the quiet influence of the lived faith like The Clemente Spell. This is not a story of Jesus solving all the problems of a child’s life that is full of disappointment, tragedy and sorrow. Rather, it is a tale of how simply going to church, paying attention, and believing that God is talking to us, even when we are a kid, can carry us through more than we could ever get through on our own.John also does a great job showing what it is like growing up as a Catholic. Catholics are often misunderstood and mischaracterized, but this book uncovers the quirks and beauty of growing up in a family that is faithful to Sunday Mass, receiving the sacraments, and living the faith even when we don’t understand all the signs and symbols (and Latin before 1965).Lastly, John does a great job intermingling great bits of history going back as far as the Revolutionary war, the invention of the Automobile, European immigration to the USA and prohibition. I was caught up in The Clemente Spell from page one, I highly recommend giving this book a read.
Ted Mattern
Ted Mattern
The Clemente Spell: The magic of imagination and determination. John DeFelice is a great story teller! A happy boy who ends up dealing with many obstacles growing up in a loving, caring but somewhat dysfunctional family. This book is a page turner that has a lot of interesting twists and turns. Readers will be able to relate to the many trials and successes the Author describes in his book. It’s a 5 star read!
Jayna Elam
Jayna Elam
The Clemente Spell: Heartfelt Coming of Age Tale This novel begins as reminiscent of the Beaver Cleaver time period. Dads hard at work, moms providing good homes for their families. The main character, Johnny Paul is growing up in the poverty of a steel mining community and loves baseball. Unfortunately, life’s trials and tribulations form stumbling blocks along his way, but nothing keeps Johnny Paul down for long. Inspirational epilogue is a bonus!
Louise S. Coulling
Louise S. Coulling
The Clemente Spell: This is a beautiful true story of a man’s journey with God! It will touch your heart and soul! This is a beautiful true story of a man’s journey through life with God. It will touch your heart and soul! Thank you for allowing me to feel your soul!
Doug Landry
Doug Landry
The Clemente Spell: The Clemente Spell is a remarkable novel The Clemente Spell is a remarkable novel that is insightful, innocent and honest. The story is descriptive and colorful, and details and images come to life. The author has deep introspection about life, and his characters present a depth of feeling and emotions that are intense and real. They often exhibit rawness and carnality intertwined with beautiful expressions of compassion and love.The underlying themes of the spell and the curse give it a magical quality. Yet these themes give way to the spiritual redemption pouring into the main character as he encounters the profound love of God through Jesus Christ.In summary, it is quite apparent that the author has written this book as an intimate labor of love. Readers will be touched by this beautiful insight into life, hope, redemption, and love.
Regina “Jeanie” DeFelice-Lumpp
Regina “Jeanie” DeFelice-Lumpp
The Clemente Spell: A great book! While this book brought back sad memories, it also made me laugh. Mostly it reminded me of how much the three of us have persevered and we owe that to our amazing mother. I am very proud of my brother for following his dream and getting his book published. I hope you will read it.
Janice Klostermeier
Janice Klostermeier
The Clemente Spell: A Real Page Turner and a Great Read!! This was a really fantastic read, and I consider myself a fairly harsh critic! The way this story unfolded was very well done; by how the author was able to keep a positive attitude from the time he was a small boy to an adult, by diverting his thoughts and emotions to something positive and keep his focus on that rather than some of the things going on around him. It was easy to stay involved in this book and it did not ramble or become disjointed, as sometime epic family novels do. I read this on a family vacation in Hawaii and highly recommend it! It was a great escape.
Kathy Schenkelberg
Kathy Schenkelberg
The Clemente Spell: Great book! Very well written! I laughed and I cried. I felt captivated by the author’s experiences. It was an inspiring true story of the life journey from childhood to adulthood.

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