What is a Mystery Novel? The mystery genre is a genre of literature that centers on a crime from the moment it is committed to the moment it is resolved. Mystery novels are also known as ‘whodunnits’ because they make the reader turn into a detective who is trying to solve the mystery, considering who, when, what, and how of a particular crime. Most mystery novels include the private eye solving a case as the main character.

Historical mystery books also play a vital role history of fiction. Stories with elements of the crime have always been a part of every century and era. For example, Sophocles wrote about the themes of murder, exile, suicide, infanticide, and death in Ancient Greece. Euripides also included the themes of suffering and revenge that exposed the human conceptions of the mythical gods.

New mystery books infuse murder and crime with a plot line that makes the reader hooked to the story until the end. While reading a mystery novel, it is important to note the elements that make it a mystery novel. Such novels always begin with an exciting hook. Mystery novels draw the reader from the first paragraph or sometimes with the first sentence.

Exceptional writers induce a mysterious mood in the novel. If the setting and mood are right, it will turn the most ordinary plotline into an exciting story. The setting is one of the main elements that put the readers into the world of your novel. Most settings are set in the dark such as an abandoned building or an isolated place like a cabin in the woods. Descriptive language is used to describe the chilly and horror scenes of the place.

It is the art of writers to set suspenseful dialogue in between the dark settings that will set your readers in the middle of the action and encourage them to keep reading. One of the main things that keep the story interesting for the audience is the slow reveal of the story. Storytelling is an art; you should know at what time the right news should be broken.

Every mystery novel has a main plotline, but it centers around smaller moments that help to build the audience’s interest along the way. You can introduce your younger ones to children’s mystery books to help them become detectives at an early stage.

Everyone loves a good murder mystery unless you or your loved ones are involved in it. ‘The Clemente Spell’ by John Defelice is an amazing gift to the world of mysterious murder novels. The story begins as Johnny Paul’s desire to become a professional baseball player is revealed. When he grew up, he was tossed into a chaotic world after he learned his family was living under a curse of a hidden secret.

The story is all set to take you on the highs and lows of the mysterious world. John Defelice, a lifelong Pittsburgh Pirates fan, is the author of The History of Segregated I. M. Terrell High School, Fort Worth, Texas. He has a bachelor’s degree from West Liberty University and a master’s degree from Texas A&M-Commerce. He has also been teaching for twenty-nine years. John is a resident of Saint Francis Village, Crowley, Texas, with his wife, Rene.

John will take you on a thrilling ride with his book ‘The Clemente Spell’ – a classic story of the battle between the darkness and the light. It is known as a modern-day fairy tale where the Sandlot meets the Shack. Buckle yourself to read a story about a man who emerges from the darkness of a broken home to meet the only ray of hope – his love.

If you are looking for a mystery series book, The Clemente Spell by John Defelice is the best option for you. This novel will help you brush up on your detective skills as he brings his masterpiece. The book functions both as a testimony and a page-turner.

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