The Curse of a Dark Secret

Mystery books are no doubt fun to read that keep the reader hooked on the story. The reward of reading a crime story and getting on the mission of solving a crime story is a feeling that only thriller lovers can relate to. If you want to escape from your surroundings for a while, John Defelice is here to rescue you. His best selling mystery books 2022 will provide you with the thrill of solving a mystery in a modern-day complex environment.

There are many Christian books suspense that will keep you restless for many days. Defelice is currently working on a Christian science fiction book tentatively entitled The Teitelbaum Journals: The Search for the Origin of the Star of Bethlehem. Christian Suspense fiction books are a great way to enjoy a thrilling story as well as strengthen your faith.

‘The Clemente Spell’ by John Defelice is a story about a family secret that nobody knows about. It is a perfect thriller mystery novel that centers around the main character, Johnny Paul. He had a dream of becoming a professional baseball player and spending an ideal life, but who knows, the cruel knock of fate would turn his life upside down.

His dreams were shattered after knowing how his family suffered a curse because of a dark hidden secret. The writer, John, has twenty-nine years of experience in teaching. He lives in Francis Village, Crowley, Texas. John took nine years to write and complete his debut book, ‘The Clemente Spell’.

John Defelice is an author of The History of Segregated I. M. Terrell High School, Fort Worth, Texas. He has a bachelor’s degree from West Liberty University and a master’s degree from Texas A&M-Commerce.

The Sandlot will easily entice the viewers into Johnny Paul’s chaotic world, which was completely shattered when he discovered his family was cursed due to a dark hidden secret, nobody knew about. John had dreams of becoming an author since fifth grade.

John Defelice had not lived a normal life. He was raised under abnormal circumstances. His greatest flaw, according to his parents, was that he was born left-handed. His parents believed him to be an evil being. His parents did every possible thing to make him right-handed, which led him to develop a miserable disability later in his life.

John developed his interest in baseball after a ‘spell’ took over his city. He started playing with a team to refine his skills. Unfortunately, his parents got separated, but this did not break him. After intruding in his family’s conversation one day, the ‘spell’ took control of him, and he went back in time to his great-grandparents’ days. He learned about their family history and how his family members came to be. He also discovered that as a result of some horrible secrets, his family was cursed.

There are many reasons to love this book because it will give the readers space and opportunity to explore the journey of John. It also gives readers the ability to relate it to their own lives. In many societies, being left-handed is considered a curse, and due to this, inhuman treatment is given. John was also a victim of his parents’ cruelty.

The plot line and development of the character are very interesting in the novel. John’s condition at birth to his disability and to develop love for baseball made the novel hundred times more interesting and beautiful. One unique thing about this book is the positivity shown by the author throughout his book. This is one of the most important lessons in life; no matter what life throws at you, don’t forget to be positive.

Whenever John felt neglected, he always played with his toys in the backyard. The emotional touch folded with the mystery murder novel is a great combination to ignite your imagination and keep you sleepless for many nights.

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