The World of Crime Novels

Are you one of those people who love to read crime novels? There are many reasons to love crime fiction. Crime fiction is defined as the literary genre that presents crime jeweled with elements of fiction like detection, motives, and many other things. It is usually different from regular fiction and other genres like science fiction, but the boundaries are blurred.

Crime fiction has many sub-genres that include detective fiction, legal thriller, hard-boiled fiction, and courtroom drama. People in Italy often regard detective stories as ‘Giallo’ because books of crime fiction have had a yellow cover since the thirties. Murder mystery series books induced with crime fiction is the best combination you will find in the world of literature.

Why are crime fictions so popular? Great crime fiction stories will leave you restless and give you many sleepless nights, but it is still one of the most-wanted fictions. Non-Fiction mystery books are also a great way to find an escape from the chaotic world.

The greatest crime authors write such stories with style and flair. They portray scenes so realistically that you feel like you are there, experiencing the same things as the other characters in the story. Such stories are eloquent, imaginative, and creative. It requires a skill to plot something so complex yet creative to make your audience hooked to the story until the end.

As a reader, the curiosity will keep you going till the very end of the book. If you appreciate good literary worlds, there are many good mystery series books to help you enter into another world of imagination. If you are looking for good mystery series books, ‘The Clemente Spell’ by John Defelice is the best option. Everyone loves to see a good mystery murder, but no one is ready to face it when it comes to their own family.

Johnny Paul grew up with a desire to become a professional baseball player when he grew up, but life has other unexpected plans. He was tossed into a chaotic world after knowing about the darkest hidden secret of his family. John belonged to a broken-house family where his left-handed trait made him an evil being to his parents.

John was forced to become right-handed, which later caused him disability in life. It is a heart-wrenching, full-mystery murder that will keep you up until the end of the story. It is one of the best mystery series books for adults. It is a classic story of the battle between the darkness and the light; the Clemente Spell is known as a modern-day fairy tale where The Sandlot meets The Shack.

John Defelice is an exceptional writer who has showcased his talent in The History of Segregated I.M. Terrell High School, Fort Worth, Texas, foreword by Bob Ray Sanders, retired Associate Editor of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. It took him nine years to complete his debut novel, The Clemente Spell, while working as a high school history teacher in Crowley, Texas.

The movie The Sandlot is the best representation of the dysfunctional world of Johnny Paul, whose world is turned upside down as the dark secret about his family is revealed. Defelice tries his best to follow the footsteps of Robert Young’s classic The Shack, leading readers to learn the key to true happiness in life.

According to Daniel Metroka, the initial editor of the book writes, ‘This book functions both as a testimony and a page-turner.’ Defelice wanted to become a writer since fifth grade. He wrote a story back in school that got rave reviews from his teacher. It was named ‘The Moldy Orange of Choctaw Ridge’ and was a parody of the song “Ode to Billie Joe” by Bobbie Gentry. Defelice is also working on a Christian science fiction novel tentatively entitled The Teitelbaum Journals: The Search for The Origin of the Star of Bethlehem.

Get your hands on this amazing book to enjoy a thriller ride to another mysterious world. The book is available on the website as well as on Amazon!